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Marketing Plans & strategy

Getting marketing strategy right is crucial for your business and not hard when you follow a logical planning process.  Most of us have limited funds to put back into our own business to grow our business, so it’s  really important to focus on best bang for your buck. Grow offer simple, straightforward marketing planning & strategy help to get your business on track. Contact Grow Marketing for a free consultation to help grow your business now.

Logos & brand development

A strong brand strategy will communicate the right message to your target audience and help differentiate you from your competitors. Does your current logo work for you?  Do you have a brand strategy in place?  How are you positioned against competitors? Grow marketing can help you get your branding strategy together – logo development, brand strategy and brand positioning to help re-position your business. Contact Grow Marketing now for a free consultation.

Print & online advertising

The world of advertising is changing fast with the rise and rise of internet advertising. There are now so many affordable solutions on offer to help build your brand awareness and target your audience.  Grow Marketing can help guide you through the maze of options, to deliver an advertising solution just right for you and your budget. Contact Grow Marketing now for a free consultation.

Trade events & promotions

For a lot of horticultural businesses, a trade event consists of a few things stuck up on the walls and   sitting behind a table while working on your laptop.  Needless to say, this is probably the best way to throw away good money.  Whilst there are great benefits in exhibiting at targeted trade events & promotions, an investment in some marketing planning for the event, trade stand design and clever ideas will always reap rewards and help grow your business.

Grow Marketing can help make your trade marketing & promotion dollars go further. Contact Grow Marketing now for a free consultation.

Public relations & media

Public relations (PR) and working with your local media, when done professionally, can be the most cost effective way to help build your brand, reputation and help position you and your products in a crowded market.  The world of PR has changed a lot in recent times with the rise of electronic media. 

Grow Marketing can help work out the best strategy for your business with best bang for your buck. 

Contact Grow Marketing now for a 45 minute free consultation to help grow your business now.

Website development

What does your website say about you, your brand and your business?  Is it time for a refresh or a major overhaul.  Let Grow Marketing help you get it together so you can get on with running your business. 
Grow Marketinig have a range of website options to suit all budgets. Contact Grow Marketing now for a free consultation.

Social media

You have probably heard traditional marketers talking about the "four Ps" - product, price, place and promotion. Nowadays with the rise and rise of social media offerings like face book, twitter and pinterest, there’s a new ‘P’ -  participation.  

If you need help getting started with social media or need to more finely tune your social media communications, you will benefit from some marketing help from Grow Marketing.  Contact Grow Marketing now for a free consultation.


Sending your clients newsletters can help engage and retain your clients by offering important information that your audience is interested in.  These days more and more companies are delivering these newsletters digitally although some still send in print. 

Whether you are after a digital or print newsletter for your clients, Grow Marketing can write and develop the right message, look and tone to help grow and retain your valuable clients.  Contact Grow Marketing now for a free consultation.

Point of sale, fact sheets & plant tags

For nurseries, garden centres and retail businesses, Grow Marketing can help design, develop and roll out your point of sale material, fact sheets and plant tags.  Contact Grow Marketing now for a free consultation.


Sometimes words fail all of us but content is needed for so many business marketing strategies including search engine marketing to increase traffic to your website, newsletters, sales material, to produce promotion material or to update website content regularly.   If words are not your thing, Grow Marketing can help. Contact Grow Marketing now for a free consultation.

Sales proposals, tenders & presentations

Written sales proposals and tenders don’t get second chances – needless to say,  you need to get it right the first time. The key to writing effective sales proposals is putting yourself in your buyer’s shoes and making it easy to read.  It’s all about them not you. Likewise putting together effective presentations is also a specialised skill and takes time to get it right.

If you need help putting together effective sales proposals, writing tenders or producing winning presentations, get Grow Marketing onto it for you.  Contact Grow Marketing now for a free consultation.

Health based marketing

Grow Marketing have professional Nutrition and Health marketing resources on hand.   If you need health based marketing support for your business or campaign, Grow Marketing can help you with health & nutrition copywriting, fact sheets, proposals, presentations and newsletters.  Contact Grow Marketing now for a free consultation.

Corporate social responsibility

Companies who work at their own social responsibility and demonstrate community involvement and ethical business practice, attract and retain employees and inspire key stakeholders, including customers, investors and partners. If you need assistance in developing corporate social responsibility programs,  triple bottom line reporting, or in planning a strategic community involvement programs, contact Grow Marketing now for a free consultation.


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